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Third Year Progress Report

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  • Referee's Comments on the Proposal

    Classification: Very Good
    Budget: 23 000 000 PTE (~ 100 000 USD/EURO)
    We suggest that the present proposal is merged with proposal SocRob, since the two projects share the same high level objectives. The merging should consider the following recommendations:

    In general, this proposal has a good long-range research objective, and has an adequate discussion on related work. It proposes some interesting concepts (such as the distinction between individual navigation and cooperative navigation). However, the proposal should focus on the high-level collaboration of multiple robot systems, which has a significant overlapping with the other proposal. The need to acquire new hardware for setting up the experimental environment leads to the identification of new important problems that add content to the research, but make it questionable the experimentation of coordination among the robots within the project lifetime as well as adquate evaluation criteria for both indoor and outdoor robots.


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